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The 5 Pillars to Empowered Transformation

So here we are just days into 2023, and already things are happening whether you’re seeing them now or not… You might still be doing some of the life reevaluations that you were doing during the holiday season, or getting the ball rolling on hitting your goals or resolutions (I personally am not a fan of resolutions). Either way, just know that 2023 is gonna be handing out some significant shifts to all of us, and y’all... It's time to step into our empowerment and receive all that we’ve been wanting. We have new energy, and a new opportunity for transformation, so why not take advantage of it!

Transformation is a process of change that can take us from one state of being to another. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a journey that requires your effort and commitment. When you want change, power, healing, and transformation in the form of peace, ease, joy, and happiness, you can’t just sit back and watch it float in without some level of input from you. Now, that level of input is going to depend on many things, but mostly your spiritual connection and the health and balance of your masculine and feminine energy.

If you’re aiming to transform your life in some way, then let me offer five pillars that will support you on your journey. These pillars are: taking stock, doing deep self-discovery, managing your energy, embodying empowerment, and taking action to sustain and maintain. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Taking stock: This is where you pause… and take a step back to evaluate where you are currently in your life, the quality of your life, and how satisfied you are with it. Bring some awareness to the subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that sabotage and hold you back by creating a list of all the areas of your life that you want to address and make changes in. Include your relationships, career, health, spirituality, or personal growth…whatever comes up. Just get a clear picture of what you want to work on, THEN go deeper and start assessing any recurring patterns or themes that may be holding you back.

  2. Doing deep self-discovery: Explore your inner world (i.e. your self-talk, your emotions, your triggers, etc.) and truly get to know yourself better; ALL parts of you. This can look like journaling, meditation, or working with a coach (I know a great one) or a therapist. This process can help you uncover your values, beliefs, and motivations, and it can also help you identify any limiting beliefs or patterns of behavior that may be holding you back. The point here is to get at the core of the obstacles and fears keeping you from being your authentic, empowered self and why. Keep asking yourself “what’s that about?” until it feels complete.

  3. Managing your energy: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Everything is energy, and energy is everything. When you understand how the energy of your thoughts, words, emotions, and behaviors influences the energy you experience within you and around you, you will take steps to heal and balance that energy. The energy with which you do anything determines the outcome of that thing.

  4. Embodying empowerment: Transformation requires you to shift your mindset and how you move about in the world. This means having some level of belief in yourself and the power within you, as well as your ability to create change. I mean, you’re creating it regardless, might as well make it a positive change and get what you want. Embodiment also means taking ownership of your actions and decisions.

  5. Taking action to sustain and maintain: Once you have made the changes you want or need to make, it’s so vitally important to take action to sustain and maintain those changes. This might mean setting up systems, networks, or routines to support your new habits, or seeking out support and accountability from people you trust. It’s also important to stay curious and keep doing the self-discovery work and manage your energy to ensure that you stay on track and continue to grow and evolve in the ways that you want. Although you’re allowed to take breaks from “doing the work”, keep in mind that you’re still evolving.

When you decide to embrace these five pillars of transformation, what you’re doing is setting yourself up for success and longevity on your journey of change. Just remember to be patient with yourself, and pat yourself on the back for any progress you’ve made along the way. Don’t just move through this stuff and not give yourself the recognition that you deserve. This shit ain’t easy… and everybody ain’t doing it at the level you are! Give yourself some grace.

Now, if you’ve been scrolling on my website recently (here is the link in case you haven’t: you’ll notice that these are the Five Pillars of Empowered Transformation that I created as my framework for private coaching… and let me tell ya, IT WORKS… when you work it.

So let me give this very direct invitati

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P.S. I also work with my private coaching clients on tapping into their own inner compass and intuition to help them embody their Empowered Woman. So if you wanna activate your intuition and start moving about life with trusted inner guidance every day, then take a look at closer Empowerment Private Coaching. Trust

your gut on this one if you’re feeling that nudge to take the leap.

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