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My story...

As it turns out, I'm not one of those people who knew at a young age that she had special gifts and abilities to connect to the spirit world. Yeah, I was curious about metaphysics and all that, but I never really pursued that curiosity because of my religious foundation, which viewed intuitives and mediums as something taboo. Where I grew up, Jesus and the pastor were the only ones that could heal people. 

As I got older, attending church the way I had been raised no longer resonated with me. Eventually, I stopped going all together and started to seek other ways that I could connect with God that didn’t involve seemingly restrictive rules and hypocritical ways. (Can I get an Amen?) Through that exploration, I found healing from childhood trauma and past pain. That journey led me to step into my true passion of empowering others and supporting them through their own healing process. 

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My path to becoming a healer started when I found myself struggling with fertility and dealing with the anxiety and depression that comes with it. I was a strong, fit woman. As an avid CrossFitter with a body that I had made so many crazy, difficult physical demands of... why would it not do this incredibly "simple" and natural thing of creating life? Why was it so hard? Finally, I sought out Reiki to help me in my efforts to conceive. After 9 Reiki healing sessions, 4 rounds of fertility treatments, lots of praying, encouragement to “keep the faith, girl,” rubbing on essential oils, tucking crystals in my bra, having my Hawaiian friend do a ritual dance three times, seeing multiple psychics (you name it, I tried it), the dream finally became a reality! 

I was so touched by the tremendous power of healing that I had received from others, that it inspired me to grow my own understanding of energy healing and, ultimately, to become a Reiki Master. There I was, pregnant and taking a Reiki certification course. I was just minding my own business when I start to hear, see, and feel things related to my practice clients, including their friends and family who passed away. Can you imagine my wide-eyed face at this point? (Hello? What is going on?!?) Y'all… I was even hearing my unborn daughter speak to me from my womb! I know it sounds crazy, but I’m telling you, it happened! 

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From that point on, I was all in. I knew that I wanted to help others experience healing in a profound way. After ‘Toots’ was born, I studied and practiced to develop and strengthen my abilities. I worked my ass off to unpack my own baggage and face my demons (and still do)... to heal my past all in the name of helping you, my people, to overcome. 

Even after the birth of my daughter, I continued receiving Reiki treatments to help my body heal from all the changes it went through from my pregnancy and giving birth via c-section. As an athlete, I've used Reiki to help with post-workout recovery, injury prevention and management, as well as performance improvement (shout out to the CrossFit community). To this day, I still practice Reiki on myself, as well as with other practitioners for self-care and to maintain my wellbeing.

Like all responsible healers, I keep doing the work to be a clear vessel, sharpen my abilities, expand my knowledge about the connection to Spirit and walk my path on the journey of ascension. Being a healer isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am, y’all. Every person that Spirit sends to me in need of some form of healing is a reflection of myself. When you heal, a part of me heals too. You’re not alone... so, let’s get you on your path to growth and transformation!


Associate Certified Coach
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