Reiki Energy Healing

Intuitive Readings

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based on the principle of continuous life force energy flow. I know what you’re thinking… great, but what IS it? Reiki is the channeling of transformative energy that, when transferred from Source, through me, to you, balances your energy causing your body to heal itself. 

During a typical Reiki session, I use my intuitive abilities, as well as specific hand positions with light touch or hands hovering, to find areas in your body that have energetic imbalances. Kind of like a very gentle “search and destroy mission” to wipe out any bad or stagnant juju from your energy, except you wake up feeling like you just took a long winter’s nap.

We all want answers to life, and sometimes the “conventional” way of getting those answers doesn’t work or isn’t enough. There are times when we need answers directly from God (or your preferred source of Light) and our Spirit Team.


Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one and need comfort in knowing that they’re at peace on the Other Side. Many times, your loved ones will send you signs telling you that they have a message for you.


Whatever the case may be, a reading might be what the doctor ordered to help you find peace, hope and faith. 

Spiritual Life Coaching

Space Clearing

Just like you, I’ve been through hurt and pain, dealt with the peaks and valleys of life and put the broken pieces back together. I’ve had to unpack my own baggage (still am) to find healing, self-acceptance and my true self.


That's the point of Spiritual Life Coaching. These sessions aren’t about me telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Instead, we focus on healing you mentally, emotionally and spiritually… guiding you as you evolve into your authentic self with honesty, compassion and without judgement. 

Have you ever walked into your home or your room and it just feels… heavy, tense or like something is off about the space?


Are you’re having inexplainable experiences with Spirit that are bothersome or disturbing to you and your family? Or, maybe you want to clear the energy in a home that you’re buying, selling or renting. A space clearing will do the trick!

As a small token of appreciation for their service, first responders, active duty military personnel, veterans and ALL HEALTH CARE WORKERS receive 15% off all services with code THANKYOU15.

(Now accepting FSA & HSA cards.)


I feel different since my session with you. It’s hard to explain, I feel lighter in sense but also I feel more attuned to things.

D a n i e l l e   M a t u s

Thank you so much! I feel such a positive energy after our reading. I will definitely reach out to you in the future.

C h e l s e a   J o h n s o n

You connected so clearly with my peeps on the other side!  Good work!

K i t t y   M o n r o e

I appreciate the reading last night and your reading gave me hope that the possibilities are endless going forward.

J a y m i e   M e n d o z a

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