Work with Roz

Introductory Breakthrough Session

Spiritual Life Coaching is a life-changing experience. There may be some areas of your life where you’re already very successful and experiencing abundance, but you may have other areas that could use some deep healing and change. 


Spiritual Life Coaching is your opportunity to be empowered and transform those areas where you want to achieve greater success with support. However, coaching isn’t right for everyone for different reasons, and that’s ok!


That’s the benefit of an Introductory Breakthrough Session. You get to “try before you buy” and see for yourself if you and I are a good fit and if coaching is right for you. Click below to learn more.

Spiritual Life Coaching Program

Just like you, I’ve been through hurt and pain, dealt with the peaks and valleys of life, and put the broken pieces back together. I’ve had to unpack my own baggage (still am) and do the work of de-conditioning myself to experience deep healing, self-acceptance, and embody my true self.


That's the goal of Spiritual Life Coaching. This program isn’t about me telling you what you should and shouldn’t do or who you should or shouldn't be. Instead, we focus on your struggles, your blocks, your aligned actions, your healing, and your transformation… while I support you with guidance, honesty, compassion, and without judgment and shame as you evolve into the REAL YOU.

Sound good? Click below to learn more.

Intuitive Readings

Reiki Energy Healing

All Reiki Energy Healing Packages are currently unavailable.

Still interested in experiencing the power of Reiki?

Clients can experience Reiki Energy Healing as part of the Spiritual Life Coaching program. Click below to learn more about the power of my Spiritual Life Coaching Program.

There are times when we have all the questions and not many answers. For some of us, the conventional way of finding those answers just doesn’t work or isn’t enough. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could go straight to the Source and get the answers that you need? 


Perhaps you want guidance to understand the plan of your life path and identify areas that may need healing or transforming. Maybe you want to connect with a family member, friend, or a pet that’s transitioned to the Other Side for closure or a message that all is well. 


Whatever the case may be, an Intuitive Reading is exactly what the doctor ordered to help you find what you’re looking for. Click below to learn more.

(Accepting FSA & HSA cards for payment.)


I feel different since my session with you. It’s hard to explain, I feel lighter in sense but also I feel more attuned to things.

D a n i e l l e   M a t u s

Thank you so much! I feel such a positive energy after our reading. I will definitely reach out to you in the future.

C h e l s e a   J o h n s o n

You connected so clearly with my peeps on the other side!  Good work!

K i t t y   M o n r o e

I appreciate the reading last night and your reading gave me hope that the possibilities are endless going forward.

J a y m i e   M e n d o z a