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Discover your inner strength. Follow your unique path.
Freely live your joy.

Private 1:1 Coaching for the woman who is ready for a deeper level of self-awareness, a sustainable process to maintain inner peace, to show up confidently in who she is, and express herself without guilt, shame, or self-doubt

For as long as I can remember... I used to ALWAYS live my life according to other people’s assumptions, expectations, and suggestions no matter how many times I told myself that "I’m grown" and can make my own decisions.

I remember a time (and I’ve had many more just like it) when I was at a point in my life, career, and business where I knew things needed to change in order for me to find my real peace and happiness.


I found myself at many decision points that would change the course of my life.


We were a year into the pandemic so things were already strained. My husband and I needed to make decisions about our child's education, I hated my 9 to 5 job and wanted to quit, and there were changes that I wanted to make in my business that I was unsure of, including whether or not to renew my contract for a successful radio show I had been hosting for the past year. There were all of these choices to make, and I was feeling pressure to “not make the wrong decision”. Although I felt that something new for me was just on the horizon, I just didn’t trust myself to make the right call. I became frustrated with trying to figure my life out while maintaining the satisfaction of everyone around me. I felt stuck between doing what felt right in my gut and living up to everyone’s expectations of me. At that point, I just wanted somebody to tell me what to do once and for all! 

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine, and I straight up asked her “WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD DO?” You see, I’d been trained in some way or another to think that I had little value and worth if I wasn’t putting others first or doing what everyone else thought I should do. I thought that if I continued to appease, please, “do the responsible thing” and “not mess up”, then I’d stay in everyone’s good graces and my life would eventually feel and be what I wanted it to be… LIES!

At that moment my friend helped me to realize a new jarring truth that was a game-changer for me… There is no right or wrong way to do life. You do what works for you and yours. I've come to the realization that adults are just older children who are trying their best to be the adult in the room. We all long for the same things. Love, peace, security, happiness… to be seen, heard, and understood, and to just be exactly who we’re created to be… we're all just grown children who long to have someone tell us everything is going to be alright and that we're doing good.


Yet, in the back of my mind was that voice, that story, that kept me afraid of rejection, judgment, criticism, and the unknown if I followed my own divine authority.

Why, though? Why did I always end up listening to that voice that kept those false stories about myself alive in me? Why did I always end up in this disempowered place of needing somebody to steer my life? Why couldn’t the version of me that’s gracious towards herself, bold, confident in who she is and how she expresses herself, who uses her intuition to move about life with ease and flow show up in the current reality I was living and save the day? Where was my She-ro?

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I HAD to get myself unstuck and out of this neverending loop of knowing the right answers for myself, yet being afraid to take action because they weren’t what other people thought I should do. This is not how I wanted to live my life anymore. I didn’t want to feel like I didn’t have a choice and authority in my own life anymore.


Things had to change. I had to change. One day it all did change, and now it’s my purpose to support and guide other women like me so that nobody else feels like they have to search outside of themselves to find their strength, follow their own path, and freely live their joy. Being me shouldn’t be that hard! I mean, damn!

Private 1:1 Coaching is for YOU IF...

  • You are ready to break away from old, faulty conditioning that is telling you you're not valuable or worthy if you aren't obligating your life to serve others first before yourself.
  • You are ready to own the entire truth of who you are and how you've been showing up in your life
  • You are overworked, overwhelmed, and you are realizing that what you have done in the past  isn’t working to get you the results that you want in your life
  • You are tired of living your life by other people’s assumptions, expectations, and standards without boundaries
  • You are a compassionate and strong woman who wants to redefine your identity so that it is exclusive of what others think or expect of you, anchored in self-validation, and that gives you the freedom to live intuitively in accordance with what brings YOU joy
  • You are DONE with living by the rules of others... it's time to set your own, empowered, self-assured rules
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The Details:

  • 6-month commitment

  • 18 video sessions (3 per month), 60 minutes each with the exception of the first session that lasts 75 minutes for a deep-dive discovery and goal-mapping

  • Individualized mindset & belief work

  • Self-rediscovery practices

  • Voice & text messaging support between sessions

  • Reiki Energy Healing sessions

  • An Intuitive Reading

  • Coming Soon: free & unlimited access to the Transformation Toolkit that includes digital products & tools for added support

The Investment:

6-month commitment:

$6,000 USD Full Payment


Monthly payment plans will be discussed during the Clarity & Alignment Call. 

*Extended payment plans are available as needed.
All prices are in U.S. Dollars.​

**Only 4 coaching spots available

Pillars of Empowered Transformation:

1. Taking Stock

We begin by bringing awareness to the subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that sabotage and hold you back from your greatness by: 

  • Taking an honest look at your current reality and your identity in it

  • Getting clear on what you want your ideal existence to be like and how you want to function in it.

  • Becoming aware of what’s blocking you from living an empowered life

  • Identifying false beliefs that seem true, challenging them, and creating new more empowering beliefs

2. Cleaning out the “gunk” to discover the GOLD that is the authentic YOU

  • Finding the root of your problems by digging deeper into any resistance or blocks that stand in the way of you creating positive change

  • Exploring the obstacles and fears keeping you from being your authentic, empowered self

3. Managing your energy

Everything is energy, and energy is everything. The energy with which you do anything determines the outcome of that thing.

  • Understanding how the energy of your thoughts, words, emotions, and behaviors influences the energy that you experience within you and around you.

  • We will use tools such as Reiki Energy Healing, Body Awareness, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Breathwork, and Chaka Attunements to clear, heal and balance your energy for optimized living

  • Healing and leveraging the power of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to come into a balance of nuturing yet strong

4. Embodying Your Empowered Woman

  • Developing a spiritual practice that connects you with Source and your Inner Authority for direction, guidance, and self-assurance

  • Tapping into your own inner compass and intuition to know what’s right, good, and true for you

  • Exercising the power of choice to integrate and embody your ideal empowered woman

  • Taking inspired, conscious action to create change

  • Creating a personalized plan using the power of visualization and practical steps to bring your ideal reality and the highest version of yourself to fruition within the next 6 to 12 months.

5. Advocating for Yourself

  • Setting and holding healthy boundaries to form and maintain strong relationships

  • Breaking free from the outdated values imposed upon you, and living out the values that are right and are actually true for you

  • Boldly and unapologetically owning your truth, and using your voice to speak up for yourself.


6. Sustain and Reinforce

Sustaining and building consistency from what has already been learned, because honestly… shit comes back up sometimes.

  • Just because we work through a hard sticky situation doesn’t mean that it won’t come back up. There are layers to healing and transformation that are necessary to work through to live as your empowered self. So we go deeper to revisit the challenges, create a deeper shift, explore how to maintain that shift, and practice the aligned actions and tools of change in different ways.


Hear from my Empowered Clients

"A lot has changed in me since I have started coaching, both little things and big things. I am talking more at meetings at work and not accepting behavior from others the way I used to. I am also becoming much more accepting of myself and letting go of so much that was making my life hard because I was making it that way."

- Beth J.

Where to start...

If you think you’re ready to explore coaching and to see a significantly positive change in your life, then book your Clarity & Alignment Call to figure out what the right next step is for you. 

If you have any questions for me before you apply, feel free to email me at, and I will gladly give you more insight.

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