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Body Wisdom: Tapping into Intuition and Somatics to Heal

Body Wisdom: Tapping into Intuition and Somatics to Heal

Healing isn’t a linear process, nor is it a painless one. It requires a certain level of courage, trust, and awareness to acknowledge the wounds within you and take the steps towards a more healed you. It can be a lot! Listen, there's always gonna be work to do when you're healing. When there's an injury, hurt, or pain somewhere, it means there’s something that needs your attention and needs to be worked on. So there is gonna be the hard part to healing, and admitting that something is not okay is the hard part for some of us.

Having the willingness to connect with your own inner knowing, to have faith and trust, and listen to whatever you perceive to be greater than you is INTUITION. For some people that might be the energy of the Earth, that might be the elements of nature, etc. Whatever it is that you perceive to be greater than you is moving toward you, and trusting in that and tuning into the body is where you have to start to build and strengthen your intuition.

Once you have the willingness to connect, the next step is to turn your awareness to how your body feels in the current moment and what’s coming up for you emotionally. This is where using your energy, your connection to Spirit, or your tools and techniques to promote healing within yourself will be called upon. It’s not only about trust and connection to Source but the willingness to be aware and to listen to the feedback that you get from your own physical body and energy body.

The healing that you want is already present and you tap into it from within.

We need to remember that we are living this experience in our bodies. With that being the case, how can we then incorporate other support systems such as medicine or holistic approaches, like Somatics or Somatic Healing, that can empower us and at times accelerate our healing?

Somatics or Somatic Healing involves practices that emphasize the physical body. With this form of healing, you’re more focused on the internal than the external. You're not so focused on the end result, nor is the focus on some big transformational breakthrough. Y’know, sometimes the subtleties are more impactful to you than the quantum leaps you expect or have had in the past. Sometimes the quantum leap is a subtlety… like a butterfly effect…small change, huge impact.

So what we're doing when we focus on somatics is we're paying particular attention to how the body is reacting internally to stimuli or triggers. We're more focused on the cues that the body might be giving us. Even doing the smallest movements and noticing “How does that feel in my body?”, “How is my internal experience being affected?”, opens the gateway for you to experience healing not just in your body but in your emotions and energy. Also when you weave in somatics, you get to talk about the senses. You get to talk about how something feels against your skin, what you’re smelling, what you’re hearing, and what you're seeing, depending on what your capacity is. Kinda like that intuition I mentioned earlier, eh?

Y'all know I talk a lot about energy, and how everything is energy. But, I also feel like there's a body-mind where the physical body has an intelligence or consciousness of its own that is much wiser than the mind itself. Yes, we have a physical body that has varying capacities. However, the energetic body allows us to tap into the body regardless of what's happening with us physically, what pain we might be experiencing, or our limitations with movement. The beauty of somatic or somatic healing is that there’s so much simplicity to it.

Ways to use intuition and somatics to tap into the body for healing:

  1. Start with the breath. Simply become aware of your breath. Just take some space to BREATHE and stop. Become aware of the quality of the breath, how the breath is flowing in, and how the breath is flowing out.

  2. Ground yourself. Ground into the feet by merely focusing your energy and attention on your bare feet. Notice how the feet feel against the earth. See what it feels like if you stand up on your tippy-toes versus being flat-footed.

  3. Incorporate sound. You can make different types of sounds by saying different types of words to express what the body is trying to say or use voice activations through tones. This can be as primal as we want it to be so go ahead and scream your head off like a banshee.

Check out this episode of Soul Healing Conversations where I talk with my guest, Danielle Waldman, about her real and relatable experiences through her healing process. We talk about more ways to tap into the body and bring in some intuitive or somatic healing into your life, alternative methods of connecting to Source, and how your intuition will empower you throughout your healing process.

Get into this body talk.

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