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4 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

Before we go down this list of ways to develop and tap into your intuition, let’s pause for the cause and get a clear understanding of some things.

First of all, what is Intuition?

According to the Miriam Webster's Dictionary, intuition is defined as ‘the power or the faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident, rational thought or interference’. Basically, intuition is instinctively knowing with your mind, your body, your soul, and your energy, what's true or false, correct or incorrect, or aligned or misaligned. It's that feeling that you get in your body when something feels right or wrong and you can’t explain it. Intuition can also be picking up on somebody else's thoughts or feelings. It can be hearing sounds, seeing synchronicity, or seeing signs and symbols that direct you in a certain way.

The second thing that I wanna clear up is that WE ALL HAVE INTUITION. God didn't only pick me or a chosen few to be His messengers and give us intuition or psychic abilities. He gave it to EVERYBODY because WE ALL have the essence of God living within us in our soul, and that means WE ALL have the attributes of God whether you like it, believe it or not. So let's normalize having psychic abilities or intuition. All clear now? Cool.

Now… real quick, let me break down the 4 channels through which your intuition speaks to you. These are better known as the Clairs (French for “clear”). Your Clairs also give you the ability to communicate with God/Source Energy, Higher Self, spiritual beings, and other people. Your intuition is always working through your Clairs… and it’s never wrong!

Clairsentience (clear feeling). Clairsentience is when your intuition speaks to you through your emotions and your body responds with physical sensation. People who are empathic (i.e. sensitive to the feelings of people around them) are naturally clairsentient. The key thing here is that you’re feeling a shift or change in your body as a result of an energy shift around you.

Claircognizance (clear knowing). This can come in the form of predictions, strong suspicions/hunches, nudges, niggling, inklings, or a feeling of certainty or uncertainty about something. You may have knowledge of certain pieces of information without having received that information in a concrete manner. More simply, this is when you know things without knowing how you know it.

Clairaudience (clear hearing). Clairaudience is often referred to as the “mental inner ear”. It’s the ability to receive messages and information in thought form. It can be a voice in your head that may or may not sound like your own, hearing lyrics to a song that repeat in your head or experienced as a voice or sound that can actually be heard OUTSIDE of your own ear as if someone is whispering or yelling AT you.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing). This is when you’re able to see a mental image within the 3rd eye, in your imagination, or in a dream. You can experience clairvoyance with your eyes closed or open. Meditation, dreaming, seeing flashes of light or light shapes, seeing signs such as feathers, birds, recurring numbers, etc. are all ways to experience this Clair. So keep your eyes peeled and be on the lookout! 👀🤣

Although everyone has intuition, does everyone have the same level of intuition? No. Just like with any other skill and ability it needs to be developed and strengthened for it to be as effective and useful as possible.

How to develop your intuition:

  1. Observe what is happening in your environments (internal and external). Notice things that are repetitive. Notice synchronicities or oddities. Notice how your body responds to things and people around you and situations. Notice what happens physically when you have intangible experiences. Also, notice what’s triggering your physical reactions; possibly a thought, a sound, a memory, or something you see… then start doing the math to connect the trigger, your physical responses, and what you’re experiencing.

  2. Get your left and right brain working together. This one’s pretty straightforward. Write down a question you have with your dominant hand. Sit with the question for a bit, and as soon as an answer (any answer) pops into your head, use your non-dominant hand to write it down. Try that… or go do a crossword puzzle or some math.

  3. Experiment with your intuition. Play around with your intuition. Start simple, like turning a deck of cards facedown, tuning into the card, and guessing what’s on the other side. Then move on to something like following the idea or thought to take a detour home from your normal route. Just start small and see what happens. Experimentation builds both trust and confidence.

  4. Meditate. This is THE #1 key to making your intuition pop… and stay poppin'. From a scientific standpoint, the alpha state of your brain is the level that helps you learn, memorize, interact, and “read” the thoughts and emotions of others and yourself. The alpha state also relates to meditation because it’s the state of relaxed awareness. From a spiritual and energetic perspective, meditation expands the energy of the third eye chakra where our intuition lives, increases your connectedness to God and Spirit, deepens your awareness, and improves your listening and perception. If you don’t try any of the other 3 ways I just mentioned, learn to do this one. You get waaaay more bang for your buck with meditation.

(P.S. - Here’s an energy healing that I recorded for you to strengthen your intuition.)

I could go on and on about intuition because it’s so fascinating to me how it works and how we get to use it to our benefit to make life more easeful for ourselves. It’s what gives us our superpower and empowers us to live the way we truly want to. But, learning to use our intuition can also make us fearful because of what we’ve been taught to believe about it. That in itself is a whole other conversation that I dive into a bit deeper in episode 47 of my podcast, Soul Healing Conversations.

Go ahead and check that out below, or listen to it from wherever you like to listen to podcasts (here)!

I also work with my private coaching clients on tapping into their own inner compass and intuition to help them embody their Empowered Woman. If you want to activate your intuition so that you can start moving about life with ease and flow every day, then take a look at Empowerment Private Coaching and apply. Trust your intuition on this one.

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