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"At exactly which point do you start to realize

That life without knowledge is death in disguise?

That's why knowledge of self is like life after death

Apply it to your life, let destiny manifest."

Talib Kweli & Mos Def


For Women Who Can't Say No

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I'm Roz, the owner of Soul Healing with Roz, an accredited Spiritual Life Coach, certified Psychic Medium, and Reiki Master. I understand exactly what it's like to feel obliged to say yes to everyone and everything out of duty or hoping to avoid ruffling someone's feathers. It wasn't until I realized how much the overwhelm, anger, and frustration I was feeling was eroding me physically and energetically that I decided to take control and unsubscribe to the things that I truly no longer wanted to do or have in my life because they didn't feel good to me. I was tucking away my wants and desires in the closet and missing out on the life I truly wanted just to please someone else. For me, this shift all started with a choice to have strong boundaries, step out from under the fear and confidently say no,  and use my voice to start living my life by what felt right and good for me. Guess what? We all can make the same choices and live a confident and authentic life of freedom too.

Roz is the real deal. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she tells you how it is (the good, the bad, and the ugly). She is empathetic and trustworthy. She takes the time to listen and answer questions with an evidentiary-based platform. It also helps that she's just the sweetest soul around!

S h a n n a  W a l k e r

What I believe...

So often, when we seek healing, we want to quickly move on from the pain or ignore it and just get on with life. Yet, we can find that the pain pops up in other areas of our life masked as anger, fear, resentment, or other negative emotions that have the potential to hold us back.


As a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, and Psychic Medium, I am dedicated to working with you to unpack your baggage, help you put it in check, and support you as you navigate your healing process in this faith walk we call life.

Whether you need healing, guidance, clarity, spiritual development, validation, acceptance, understanding, help to renew your faith, mentoring or just some honest sista-talk to feel connected, heard and validated, you are welcome and safe here.


Thank you for showing up for yourself.

Let’s get to work. 

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