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Discover How To Confidently Say No

Without Over-Explaining and Feeling Guilty.

Get access to a quick guide to setting and reinforcing boundaries for women who can't say NO.

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Hi! I'm Roz Kincaid,

I'm the owner of Soul Healing with Roz, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, trained Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, and founder of Living in the No Transformational Journey. I understand exactly what it's like to feel obliged to say yes to everyone and everything out of duty or hoping to avoid ruffling someone's feathers. It wasn't until I realized how much the overwhelm, anger, and frustration I was feeling was eroding me physically and energetically that I decided to take control and unsubscribe to the things that I truly no longer wanted to do or have in my life because they didn't feel good to me. I was tucking away my wants and desires in the closet and missing out on the life I truly wanted just to please someone else. For me, this shift all started with a choice to have strong boundaries, step out from under the fear and confidently say no,  and use my voice to start living my life by what felt right and good for me. Guess what? We all can make the same choices and live a confident and authentic life of freedom too.

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