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Expanding to Manifest: You Must Make the First Move

Many times when we’re trying to create things or manifest something, and it doesn’t seem to be happening for us, we tend to experience a lot of frustration that can show itself as anger, agitation, and even feeling burned out.

Well, that’s how it usually comes up for me.

For much of the year, I’ve been in some way, shape, or form in a creative process with there being very few breaks in between. I went from creating new programs to restarting my podcast, and everything in between. Based on the fact that I’m a Human Design Generator, and I have Aries, Taurus, and Virgo in my birth chart, not only is there the tendency for lots of physical doing for me but there’s also the mental gymnastics that plays a part in my creativity and manifesting. This can work for me and against me in that too much ‘actioning’ can lead to force. And if you’re reading this and nodding your head then you know what I’m talking about.

In our habits of ‘getting things done’ or ‘making it happen’, our efforts can sometimes become counterproductive or even delay our wishes, and last month that’s what I was starting to feel… so much that I was losing sleep and had the worst migraine headache that I’ve ever had. A lot of times when we’re constantly in this doing, masculine, ‘get shit’ done energy, we totally overlook what’s happening in our bodies and in our energy until the preverbal dam starts to crack where now we’re feeling bad, nothing goes the way we want, and you’re just plum frustrated and exhausted. And that’s what got my attention.

In the midst of frustration, my coach reached out to me out of the blue and our conversation made it all clear for me. She explained that all the pushing, pulling, overplanning, forcing, and later the frustration were all signs that expansion wants to happen within me and for me. Your mind is acutely aware that you’re in overwhelm, and things aren’t progressing the way you want them to, and we as humans have this habit of continuing to do something that isn’t supportive but we do it anyway. Although this is completely common and normal, this breeds more frustration, overwhelm, and striving which is an unproductive way of trying to regulate things for ourselves.

This is also an indication that your approach to creating and manifesting is overly masculine and more feminine energy is necessary. At this point, your body signals are also full of masculinity, action, striving, and pushing, and all that is going out to God and the Universe only for Source and the Universe to respond by aligning you with the same vibration that you’re putting out. So, if you want to be experiencing more ease, then it requires that you find the conditions to place ease inside of your body, your emotions, and your spirit so that you emit that and receive it back. Simply put, if you want your desires to come to you more easily and softly, then you’re going to have to create those conditions inside of you first so that what you want has the space and the right conditions to exist. The energy of anything flows to where there is space and the conditions of the container (that being you) are correct for holding it. It’s like placing a heart in someone else’s body during a heart transplant and the heart not taking because the conditions of the receiving body aren’t a true match.

You have a vibration and what you want has a vibration. In order for you to realize your goal or dream, you personally have to grow and expand FIRST to meet the vibration of that goal or desire.

There can’t be any waiting until you have what you want that you decide to expand and grow.

Here are some things that you could do to shift out of frustration, disappointment, burnout, or anger into ease, calm, and flow so that there’s expansion and space for your manifestations to be realized.

1. Pause, just take a step back. Dial back the time spent physically doing and increase your attention on your mindset and vision for what you want.

2. Change your environment. Do something that will put your body, your emotional state, and your energy into a higher frequency than the one you’re in right now. Go for a walk, get some physical movement, sit in the sun or outside, smell some essential oils, or listen to some music.

3. Make the switch from being action-oriented to vision-based. This might look like doing meditations, yoga nidra, or creating a vision board on Pinterest or Canva.

4. Realize that the fact that all of this is coming up for you now says that you are indeed connected to God and Consciousness and most certainly being cared for and guided.

We are creators. That’s who we are, that’s what we do, but sometimes you gotta slow down and back off to speed things up.

Wanna hear more about this? Then go subscribe/follow my podcast Soul Healing Conversations. Next Wednesday 19th October I'll be dropping Episode #44: The Tension in Manifesting:

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