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Money Mindset: The Mindset Archetypes That Block Your Money Flow

Money Mindset: The mindset archetypes that block your money flow. Soul Healing with Roz Blog

I love a deeply connected and aligned collaboration. So recently, I joined forces with my coaching peer and good friend, Julian Crosson-Hill, and created a masterful program to support you in shifting your mindset around money, scarcity, and sufficiency, and help you with your money manifestations.

As Julian and I were creating the content for our program, Abundantly Being, we were divinely guided to identify 6 common money mindset archetypes that we’ve seen in others and experienced in ourselves.

These archetypes are behavioral patterns that show up when we slip out of trust, abundance, and sufficiency. They’re formed from consistent experiences with your money that are undergirded by fear and lack, and they’ve caused you to adapt how you treat your money and impact your ability to manifest money and abundance. Let’s take a look at these archetypes to get a better understanding.

The Worry Wart.

The Worry Wart stresses out about money. They likely feel anxious when checking their bank balance, creating their monthly budget, or receiving a bill. They often worry about running out of money. This may look like you spending a lot of time overanalyzing how things will get paid, how to make more money, or how to stretch the money that you do have. This also might look like you being anxious to commit to social or family gatherings for fear that you won’t be able to afford it.

The Tight Wad.

Automatically you would think that The Tight Wad is selfish and stingy. The Tight Wad isn't selfish at all when you look deeper at this archetype. They're actually quite generous, actually. They just rein in their giving and generosity when money gets tight. I’ve seen this a lot in my own life where a huge bill would come in or we’d get hit with a major downshift in our income (hello, COVID), and the first thing that gets cut is donations and charitable giving. This kind of contraction cuts off the flow of more money energy being circulated back to you.

The Hoarder.

This archetype isn’t the television reality show type of hoarder. The hoarder is someone who believes that money will be tight in the future. I call this one the Pack Rat or the Save-It-For-A-Rainy Day Ronald or Rhonda. They’re kinda like The Tight Wad, except they hold onto money, things, and energy for scarce times. You know, “just in case”. Little do they know that when they get into that “saving it for a raining day” hoarder mode that they’re manifesting a rainy day in their life.

The Air Dancer.

This is the archetype that as soon the pressure’s on, they lose all hope and faith. Instead of calming their activated nervous system and being open to receiving divine instructions, they spring into frantic action trying to meet their needs all by themselves rather than trusting and taking aligned action. The energy emitting from this archetype sends out a signal to Source and The Universe that The Air Dancer is not at all ready or in a space to receive, and they’re standing back waiting for this “Tazmanian devil” to stop with the wild, impulsive action, and pay attention for next steps to improve the situation.

The Martyr.

The Martyr feels like they're a victim of circumstances they can’t control. They settle in hopelessness for the way things are and struggle to believe that things with their money can be different or better. The Martyr voluntarily suffers in lack, thinking that there's not enough to go around and that lack and scarcity are deserving penalties for any mismanagement of money or lack of financial knowledge.

Lastly, is The Under Pressure Manifestor.

The Under Pressure Manifestor is great at manifesting money… at the last minute! They use their manifestation powers during critical times with money and swoop in to save the day, but not without the stress and angst that last hours or even days after clearing the situation. Instead of putting their manifestation tools and strategies to work to “prime the pump” well before they think time will run out, they may procrastinate and hope with tightly closed eyes and fingers crossed that things will work out like they did last time. This approach to manifestation holds them back from enjoying a consistent flow of abundance.

Money Mindset: The mindset archetypes that block your money flow. Soul Healing with Roz Blog

You may see yourself in more than one of the archetypes, and that’s fine. That’s normal. That just speaks to the complexity of the relationship dynamic with money and the magnitude of the shift from scarcity to sufficiency to abundance that’s possible for you. The most important thing with these archetypes is to understand them and use them to help you open up your awareness even more as to how they may be blocking the flow of money and you experiencing life abundantly.

As you've heard me say time and time again AWARENESS is the first step to any form of personal growth. If you aren't aware of where you are now, then how can you move forward with intention and direction?

A mindset shift and transformation will look different for each individual depending on what they need, where they are, and what they believe.

Identify your money mindset archetype by taking this fun and simple quiz, and keep an eye out for our bonus content on how to move forward and improve your relationship with money.

I got 'The Worry Wart' 😟. Which one will you get?

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