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 A coaching program that supports and teaches you to overcome fears around scarcity, live in sufficiency, and manifest money and abundance without taking frantic action or using force

Are you feeling out of control in your financial situation and a lack of trust between you and your money? 

You're struggling to set aside a mindset of lack and scarcity

You believe that there is not enough money out there and that you don’t or will never have enough

You WANT the money but something is blocking you from creating wealth in your income

You're fearful of spending or receiving money... because what if it doesn't show up again?

You have built beliefs around money that aren't necessarily true "Money is evil"
"Money can't be trusted"
"Money dictates my life"

It feels as though money restricts and dictates your life, you have forgone your own power through the idolization of money

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I understand how it is to feel fearful when spending money and not knowing if/when money will show up and in the time you need it to.


It's a constant pressure around money in most financial situations.

I understand how not having money or abundance can feel like you're carrying around the social stigma that because you have less, you somehow are less.


Wealth and money belong to everyone, and not just the “rich”.

I specialize in empowering women to overcome their limiting mindsets and guide them through the energetics of aligned action to build a life they can be proud to say is theirs, built by them.

In collaboration with my co-creator's, Julian Crosson-Hill, expertise in Human Design and facilitator of people's inner remembrance of their true capabilities and the realization of a life of love, freedom, peace, and limitlessness, we are bringing you a 12-week program that will transform your outlook on money and ability to receive it with actionable steps and repeatable tools.

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How to make money work for YOU

This 12-week program will transform your money mindset from scarcity to abundance

Understand how to decouple money from abundance 

Become an energetic match for money & abundance

Disassociate money and worth

Use money manifestation strategies that get lasting results

Master the art of receiving

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What is your scarcity mindset costing you?

How much do you trust money?

I know that gut-wrenching feeling all too well...

You get a bill in the mail, and you don’t have enough money in the bank to pay it. A month or 2 later it goes into collections. You panic. You start asking people to borrow money, or you take out another loan or consider getting a second or third job. It creates a fear of spending, your grip gets tighter on the money that remains.

The problem with carrying on this way without addressing your money mindset is that you block your own ability to receive an abundance of income and resources because of false beliefs and conditioning rooted in scarcity, force, and fear.

Your mindset is the key to your wealth, it can either build a wall between you and the abundant life you desire OR is can deliver it safely to your door.

I want to help you get past your money blocks to financial freedom, security and the freedom to focus on greater goals without the overbearing weight of money worries.

What's Included

  • Weekly videos discussing various money and money mindset topics

  • Integration practices to deepen your awareness of the things blocking your money and abundance and to help create an expansive shift with money

  • Valuable money tools, techniques, and strategies such as Human Design, guided meditations, energy healing, yoga practices, and more

  • Biweekly group calls inside an intimate community where you get trusted guidance, consistent support, and bonus content

UPGRADE your registration with 5 one-on-one Private Coaching sessions.

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