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That's right! My birthday is coming!

Spring has sprung! It's finally Aries season, and a lot of  people have been asking about my birthday (it's April 19th, by the way). Here's how you can send some love if you're feeling led to do so:

Share a testimonial or some kind words...

I would love to know how I’ve helped you or impacted your life, what you enjoy about me and my services, the results you’ve received, and how my work has helped you grow, heal, and transform.


It can apply to anything; a paid service or free content. Go ahead. Tell me how you really feel. I’m all ears!

Can I share your testmonial or comment?

Thanks for the birthday love!

Send some Snail Mail

If you're the type of person who likes to send cards, postcards, small gifts, handwritten notes, then this one's for you. If that's is your thing, then gladly send it here:

Roz Kincaid

151o5 Sycamore Leaf Ct.

Manassas, VA, USA 20221

Donate to support my work!

Maybe you’re not able to enroll in my program or book a session with me right now but still want to support the work I do on YouTube, the podcast, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Or maybe you just want to send some abundance my way and circulate some money you feel good about. Either way, the button below will take you to my Square site if this kind of gift giving is you love language.

Review my podcast on Apple Podcasts

For those of you who are fans of my podcast, Soul Healing Conversations, I would love for you to review it for my birthday. This helps me expand my audience, reach more people, create community, and transform more lives for the better. The more people who hear my work, the more our consciousness grows and the more WE effect change in the world…

Book a session!

The transformative work I offer is truly my purpose here on Earth. I'm literally made for it. Allowing me to support you, give you clarity, help you shape the life you truly want, and become who you want to be is really the greatest gift you can give me. If you’ve been wanting to work with me, just know how much of a gift it truly is for ME - which is why I’m putting this on the list.


So let’s get started and change your life for the better!

Whatever the case may be...

Just know that I'm grateful for you more than you know. Yes, you.

I’m constantly amazed by the love and kindness I’m shown online and in sessions. Thank you for being here, and thank you for supporting my work. I couldn't do this without you.


So much gratitude,

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