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Does this sound like you?

You learned a long time ago that putting others before yourself was the ‘right’ thing to do


You offer your time, energy, and money to those around you without hesitation and yet have forgotten how to give to yourself


You harbor a fear of making the choices that you know will bring you the life you secretly desire

And maybe, because of all of this, you’re holding onto feelings of resentment, reliving the cycle of your past experiences, and struggling to see a way to reclaim authority


Finally, you’re ready to learn how to find validation and acceptance from within and not from external forces or people


To feel confident to express your authentic truth and to do life YOUR way without guilt, shame, or fear.


It’s time to get to the root cause of your people-pleasing so that the cycle stops repeating and you can achieve the goals that you have put aside for so long


Living In The No is here to serve women who seek such a strong connection with their inner authority that they become UNF*CKABLEWITH!

I can relate to every single part of this…

I used to be a relentless people pleaser, I didn’t have it in me to say NO and I couldn’t understand how or where to begin.


I found myself in relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners saying “yes” in some way or another to be nice, loved, validated, and to avoid disappointing people. 


I’d give my everything to everyone and tell myself "It's not so bad, keeping the peace is more important." … but the implications ran deep.


I found myself in a state of disempowerment and woke up realizing that I no longer remembered how to make decisions for myself and the life that I wanted.


I felt powerless

I wasn’t in control of my own life

I was being influenced by other people’s ideas of me instead of my authentic self. 

I was allowing my ego, self-limiting beliefs, and childhood conditioning to run amuck, controlling my decision-making and impeding a better quality of life and happiness. 

I was struggling to DO ME!


The burden of living by someone else’s plan finally became too heavy for me to continue carrying, and I decided to do something about it for good…

You don’t need anyone's permission to live your life

Soul Healing with Roz. Spiritual Life Coach

I began asking myself some hard questions:

  • What is making me so afraid to speak up for myself?

  • Why am I giving other people power over my life like this?

  • What is making it so hard for me to say “no” without guilt or explanation


Answering these questions led me to somewhat of an awakening where I became aware of the source of my fear, feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and being stuck, and I took action to start putting my wants and needs first and live life according to what felt right and true for ME. 


I discovered that in order to get rid of the faulty, old, disempowering conditioning around saying yes and no, I needed to work through 4 things: 


Living In The No

An intimate 12-week program that will take you through 4 phases of transformation



Ego Awareness

  • What is Ego

  • Functions of the Ego

  • Benefits of becoming aware of the ego

  • Major ways the ego keeps you stuck

  • Identifying your Ego

  • Ego Stories

  • How ego stories keep you stuck saying yes

  • Challenging fear


 The Inner Child Part 1

  • Who is the inner child?

  • Meditation: Connecting with your inner child

  • How the Wounded Inner Child Plays Into the Conditioning Around Saying No

  • The Inner Child Archetypes That Keep You Saying Yes

The Inner Child Part 2

  • Reparenting and its importance

  • Ways to Reparent Yourself to Build Confidence and Feel Safe Saying No

  • Daily Reparenting Practice 



Self-Limiting Core Beliefs

  • What are beliefs?

  • How your core/common family beliefs are tied to the conditioning around saying yes

  • Common family beliefs that reinforce the inner narratives about saying no

  • The Importance of Uncreating Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • How to Uncreate Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Uncreating and Rebuilding Core Beliefs


Source Energy & Soul Essence

  • The Importance of a Spiritual Connection

  • Connecting with Source Energy

  • Who or What is Soul Essence?

  • Connecting with Your Soul Essence

  • How Consistent Connection with Source and Your Soul Essence Supports You with Saying 'No'


Making Your Intuition Work for You

  • What is Intuition?

  • Paying Attention To Your Gut Instincts

  • The Components of Your Intuition

  • How best to tap into your intuition to make conscious decisions

  • Practicing With Your Intuition

  • Things That Block Your Intuition

  • Resolving Mixed Intuition



  • What are boundaries?

  • Types of Boundaries

  • Identifying when and where you need a boundary

  • How To Create a Boundary

  • How to Manage Resistance to Your Boundaries

  • Boundaries Bootcamp



Trigger Happy

  • What is a trigger?

  • Fawning

  • The Purpose of Triggers

  • Strategies for managing triggers when you feel pressure to say yes

  • The Trigger Exercise


Mind-Body-Energy-Soul Healing

  • How the stress of saying yes affects your nervous system

  • What happens in the body when you resist your soul's desire and don’t say no

  • Body Consciousness 

  • Ways to soothe your emotions and return the nervous system to a restful state

  • Nervous System Regulation Practice



Consciously Becoming your Authentic Self

  • What are core values?

  • How core values are linked to your boundaries

  • Identifying Your Core Values

  • Embodiment

  • How embodying a new version of yourself reduces the fear of saying ‘no’ and speeds up your transformation

  • New Self Embodiment Exercise & Meditation

Image by Ray Hennessy

It’s time to break the cycle once and for all and reclaim the trajectory of your own life

What's Included:

  •  12 High-Level Training Modules that take you through confronting, healing, and reconstructing your conditioning around saying no.

  • Comprehensive 95-page workbook & journal prompts to accompany each training module and support you in taking aligned action

  • 7 unique guided meditations specific to your stage of transformation

  • 12 tools for transformation in the form of daily activities and written exercises

  • Monthly live Q&A calls with Roz

  • Exclusive access to the Living in the No Facebook group where you can get feedback, support and connect with Roz & other women!

  • Lifetime access to all program materials!

Pay in Full

 $997 in full


Payment Plan

3 payments of $385


Payment Plan

4 payments of $290

*All dollar amounts are U.S. Dollars

Image by Shot by Cerqueira

No more tip-toeing around the problem, trying to piece together a personal development practice.
Living In The No will guide you through personal development practices, deep self-discovery, the “why” behind your current situation, and ongoing habit-building that you can take with you long past this 12-week program.

Living in the No is a space where you will…

  • Dig deep, reprogram your beliefs and mindset, find balance, and actualize your potential.

  • Gain clarity on who you truly want to be and start moving through any fears to take aligned action to embody this new version of yourself. 

  • Create more time and energy to pursue your goals by making yourself a priority while inspiring others around you to be empowered to do the same.

  • Reduced your stress and anxiety levels thereby improving your overall health

  • Stopped accepting others’ opinions and ideas as your truth

  • Learn simple lifetime strategies for ongoing use when sh*t pops back up


"I finally stood up for myself, things are calmer at work, and my neighbor isn't bothering me anymore! I feel so much more peace, calm, and freedom now. I appreciate and value you so much for this process and journey you are willing to take with me. Thank you for everything!" 

- Beth J.

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